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Thread: Girl Scouts Unveil Newest Cookie

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    Maaaan I wish our Brownies did this, I get jealous whenever I hear about these. Mango, vanilla and coconut sounds really tasty.
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    The sale is half over in my area and so far, I have not bought any! After years as a leader, with thousands of boxes moving through my living room, it is so nice to not have any.
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    Jimmy just bought some Sat night when we were at a bar watching a band. Only in the Keys will you find Girl Scouts selling their cookies at a bar. My fil practically ate the whole box of tag a longs.
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    I could eat an entire sleeve of the Trefoils in a sitting. I love those buttery little shortbread cookies. I like the thin mints too, but liked them better when they were vanilla cookies with chocolate/mint covering.

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    I think they all taste like cardboard shit.
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