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Thread: Favorite Thai food...

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    i absolutely love fresh summer rolls, papaya salad and green curry (when it's well made, there are a lot of dodgy green curries out there).
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    Vegetarian pad thai (with plenty of tofu, egg and peanuts), hell yes! I'm obsessed with it.

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    Tom goong kha soup, like tom yum soup but with coconut milk and shrimp. Those crispy fried wonton-wrapped shrimp. Summer rolls--tofu, lettuce, carrots, bean sprouts (I think) wrapped in some kind of rice paper, and the plum sauce they give you to dip them in.

    Panang curry, red curry, spicy basil stir fry. Sweet spicy shrimp salad. The thai iced tea is delicious but I try to not order it regularly since it's got a boatload of condensed milk=super-concentrated sugar.

    I could go on...I love thai food and there's this cute little place near me that is super cheap and soooo good. They even do some thai curry burritos which you wouldn't expect but are actually good. I like them because they don't serve super-huge portions so you walk out satisfied instead of waddling out stuffed.

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