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Thread: Faux Food - Where Have All Our Nutrients Gone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kchal View Post
    Do you guys ever see the infomercial w/the guy who has books on 'natural cures'? He came out w/a diet book recently and basically the whole premise is that you have to eat 'natural-real' foods and meats - everything organic w/no growth hormones as the additives and chemicals is what causes the weight gain...(the he goes on to sayou you need to inject an illegal drug in yourself 3x a day to lose the weight, ummm.. pass on that one) Anyways - I do try to eat less processed foods and make my own bread and all of that but I definitely find it to be more expensive - organic produce and meat is way more expensive than 'regular' - hard when you are feeding a family...
    I think you may be referring to Kevin Trudeau. I have two of his books, and they are very interesting. He has done a lot of interesting research, even though some of his theories seem way out there. I have taken quite a bit from his books, and I believe in a lot of his theories. His books were my "kick in the pants" to start reading labels more carefully, eating more natural and organic foods, and trying to stay away from so much over processed crap. As far as injecting an illegal substance...that doesn't neccessarily mean street drug. There are a lot of supplements that the FDA considers illegal. For instance, ephedra was banned even though there are legal pharmaceutical drugs that have killed way more people but are still legal. It goes back to the government benefitting from the multi-billion $ pharmaceutical companies making the money instead of the smaller companies that produce supplements.

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    and of course Kevin Trudeau being paid by the company for promoting their product. yes, why would you ever take a substance the FDA considers illegal? i dont even trust the FDA, so if they say its illegal, must be some bad stuff

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    So I went grocery shopping last night, and even the vegetables are faux food now! I needed a couple of onions, and the ones for sale were the size of bloody softballs.

    The green peppers were absolutely massive as well.

    Clearly, they're planting this shit in nuclear waste or something. Wonder about the nutrient content.

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