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Thread: Eggs

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    oh my mom told me that the expiration date isnt all the thing.
    if its expired{not more than 3 days}, see if the egg is bad inside, if its not, you can still eat it.

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    Default Re: Eggs

    Quote Originally Posted by moomies
    Sorry, going OT a little but does anyone else here eat raw eggs? Well, I do sometimes...(on rice with some soy sauce).
    I love doing that. I add a little bit of butter as well. It's so good when the rice is piping hot and butter melts right away.

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    Lol, okay, now Martha Stewart has always said that the whites of an egg should be not watery, but close to. The runnier the fresher. She has her own chickens of course.
    There was some story a few years back about some egg factory getting expired eggs back, changing the dates and re-selling them. They said eggs last much longer than ppl think. Been lucky enough here to have never found a rotten one!

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    Quote Originally Posted by zorbeet View Post
    I'm comfortable using them up to 2 weeks after the expiration date. Never had any problems.
    Ok, I seriously never knew eggs had an expiration date. Wow.. what a trip.

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