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Thread: Domino's Pizza is latest brand to alter its product

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    Quote Originally Posted by frecklered View Post
    We only ate Dominoes in college, when we were really drunk. Because it was the only place that delivered after midnight....even then, it tasted like salty greasy cardboard. There's a reason it's so cheap.
    ...and there you go! The key words are "college," "really drunk," and "delivered after midnight." I did the same. It's just a crappy chain that sometimes has good deals.

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    Quote Originally Posted by atrayubrandy View Post
    Don't bring Little Caesars into this!! That is my pizza of choice. Not to channel Wanda but I absolutely love their stuffed crust crazy bread and stuffed crust Hawaiian pizza. Mmmm.... so garlicky.
    I admit I like it too. Also Donatos and Pizza Hut. Little Caesars is so damn cheap and they are just there..ready to take. So what if they are 5 buck chain pizzas that have been sitting in a hot box for a couple hours. They can easily be doctored up and sometimes I just have a hankering for them. There are two places fairly close to me and one is much better than the other-it is inside a retail store and worth waiting for them to make it to order.

    I have been in that store when the have had a large order and nobody show up, so they announce over the store announcement system that they have "5 pizzas for 2 dollars a piece' or something.

    The Italian Cheese Bread is nothing but fat, with fat added, and fat on top, but I love it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by witchcurlgirl View Post
    Domino's is not representative of real american pizza. It's chain store mass produced processed food. There are NY pizzerias like Lombardi's, Totonno's, Lucali's, Di Fara's, Grimaldi's, etc that make pizza better than anywhere else, including Rome and Naples, imo. Thin, crispy, flat crusts, fresh San Marzano tomatoes, real mozzarella, etc. NY pizza is very different than what we refer to as 'Chicago style' which is thick crusted and doughy.

    Comparing Domino's to a NY pizza is like comparing McDonalds burgers to a real fresh grilled sirloin burger.
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