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Thread: Does anyone drink Rice milk?

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    LURVES horchata!

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    Well Chalet, at least you KNOW now!!

    Don't give up though!! They have some GREAT products out there, maybe in a year or two, when you can stomach it again, try something else---another kind of 'alternative' milk. You might be surprised! Or not...

    But kudos to you for trying!

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    Quote Originally Posted by celeb_2006 View Post
    LURVES horchata!
    What is the difference between rice milk and horchata?!?

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    Rice milk is ok, I prefer "plain" soymilk from Silk or one of the in-house grocery store knockoffs.

    The primary reason to use these IMO is because they don't involve cow cruelty and they are more environmentally friendly. You can get used to the taste, or make your own fresh nutmilks which are generally the best tasting alternatives to real milk.

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    I love rice milk, but I'm allergic to dairy, gluten and soy, so its the only thing I can drink besides water haha. I love hemp milk too. Before I developed allergies I was a soy milk drinker, because I am an animal activist and the thought of drinking another species' breast milk freaks me out.
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