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Thread: Do you ever have really hungry days?

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    My mom calls me "the snake". There are phases when I hardly eat anything and then there are phases when I eat twice my weight a day.
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    omg, yes
    some days i can be the biggest pig. it's horrible. i'll sit infront of either the computer or tv and just eat the entire day.

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    I'm having one of those days today....
    mmmm just eating some chocolate flapjack

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    Definitely have those-mostly when I'm presented with a big variety of food. I can't seem to stop!
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    Quote Originally Posted by CCkissesx View Post
    Yes! Today is one of them Unfortuantley I can't swallow food properly - I keep choking on it. I went to the Docs and was given Somac and Maximon because I was also vomiting.

    I can only eat in tiny pieces - I'm talking about less then 1cm pieces of food. If this isn't gone away by tomorrow, I'm seeing another Doctor, I'm not satisfied with just being given Somac when I don't know what the hell is wrong.

    So please, eat on my behalf
    CCkissesx, are you OK? Did you go to another Doctor? Please tell us you're OK and on the mend. *supportive hug*
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    I definitely have days like that. Actually, that was like all of last week for me.

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