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Thread: The Daring Kitchen

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    Quote Originally Posted by atrayubrandy View Post
    Well, when I am baking for company I make the full fat desserts but if it is just for myself, I'll often substitute certain ingredients for the fattier ingredients. I'll replace cream cheese with neufchatel. Or I'll replace half of the oil in a cake with applesauce.

    As for being time deprived you should give considerable thought to trying Once a month cooking. That's what I do and it saves me a ridiculous amount of time and money. I spend one day a month cooking all my meals and freezing them. Because I use meals with basically the same cooking methods and ingredients, I have cut my grocery bill in half and I just prepare the food in bulk (cutting down on prep, cooking, and clean-up time). Then, when you are ready for dinner, you just pull whatever meal you want out of the freezer (or let it defrost) and cook it. Voila. In 20 minutes or so you have a home cooked meal that you didn't have to work hard on that day and virtually no dishes.

    It gives me more time to work on baking. Which I like to do regularly.
    Great suggestions. I also might try the once a month method. I'd need to get a bigger freezer though. I love the idea of cutting down expenses, clean up and of course, time!

    I also love slow cookers. Do you have any slow cooker sites or recipes you would recommend?

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    Martha Stewart has some good slow cooker recipes on her website. I made Moroccan chicken from her site in the slow cooker once and it was very tasty (but a little dry). I make excellent taco soup, potato soup, and chili in my slow cooker. I have to say slow cooker is right behind my Kitchenaid mixer as my favorite kitchen appliance.
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