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Thread: This is completely unhealthy and I dont know what to do...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Femmefatale View Post
    show me evidence that aspartame gives u cancer? also, regular coke is not exactly chemical-free or all natural
    I don't drink any of it, so it's not an issue for me. The only place I ever liked Coke was in Brazil because it was far less sweet than the North American version. It had an almost peppery, tingly taste.

    Aspartame and Cancer: Questions and Answers - National Cancer Institute

    Rat Study Shows Cancer, Aspartame Link

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    Quote Originally Posted by stylejunkiex View Post
    I have this slight fascination with nutritional information.
    So.. I looked up a lot of foods that my family normally enjoys just to see what the numbers were...

    A member of my family typically has this during a regular weekday:

    Burger King Breakfast Biscuit with bacon, egg, sausage, and cheese:
    570 calories / 40 g fat / 13 g sat fat
    Burger King Hash browns:
    258 calories/ 16.6 g fat / 4.6 g sat fat
    Medium Sprite:
    204 calories / 0 g fat

    Tyson nuggets (9 pieces):
    405 calories / 31.5 g fat / 6.8 g sat fat

    Stouffer's Macaroni and Cheese:
    529 calories / 25.7 g fat / 10.6 g sat fat

    That's 1966 calories / 113.8 g fat / 35 g sat fat
    and that's not including various snacks eaten during the day.

    Based on the FDA, the recommended fat intake for this family member is maximum 75 g a day...
    I'm sad because this family member is so young.. and I can tell if they continue to go on this path they'll have lots of health issues in the future.
    I'm the first to admit that I used to eat this way for much of my childhood and it caused me a lot of eating problems when I tried to stop (starving, binging, purging, laxative abuse, etc).
    Being in a family with a history of eating disorders, I dont want them to develop an unhealthy sense of self, but honestly my plead goes unheeded and the majority of my family continues to eat this way alienating the few of us that choose to eat somewhat healthy foods.

    Any advice on what I should do?
    I cant really talk about it that candidly because I'm already known as the 'Diet Nazi' in my family.
    If you really love knowing what you're putting in your body, you should get that damned book that Alli (diet pills) is peddling. It is CHOCK full of recipes with very little fat due to Alli being a fat blocker! I mean, HUNDREDS of recipes that are fabulous. I happened to pick up the book to look and saw the recipes and even though I'm not taking the pills, I NEEDED that book. Get the book (it's something with Alli in the title - they even have it at Wal-Mart) and give it to this person - or this kids mom.
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