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Thread: Complaining about a lousy meal

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    Quote Originally Posted by ang View Post
    gah, i'm reading this thread & trying to figure out where in cali y'all are talking about....sounds like it could be near where i live.

    anyway, when i go out & am disappointed with a meal, i don't say anything, just chalk it up to a loss & just don't go back there...i'm way too paranoid to send food back to a kitchen after horror stories that i've heard from people. i usually try to research places fairly well, go by word of mouth from those whose opinions about food that i trust or go to the same old tried & true places that we've gone for ages.
    Since your location is "the Salad Bowl," I'm guessing you're in the Salinas Valley? I live in the Gold Country, up in the Sierra Nevada foothills. Will PM you the exact place just 'cause I'm tired of deleting it.

    You have a nice laid-back approach to restaurant problems. I wanna be either you ... or Chilly's mom. Instead I'm somewhere in between.
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    the salad bowl


    yes, that's where i'm located. and, sometimes i wish i could be more like chilly's mama, too!

    and, if i really don't like what i got at a restaurant, i've been known to not eat it & then go stop to get a couple tacos on the way home or make a sandwich once i get home...kinda disappointing, but at least i'm not hungry & annoyed with my crappy meal.
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