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Thread: Which coffee do you drink?

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    I love the Timmy Ho's by my house. The drive-thru line can be wrapped around the building, and it'll take maybe 5-6 minutes for the folks in the back of it to order, pay, and drive off with their goodies. And I can get a medium latte and four cookies for $5. Try doing that in a Starbucks.

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    Dunkins Hazelnut is my favorite comes in a 12 oz. bag. Second choice would be New England Coffee and is fairly inexpensive.
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    Deep down, I'm a Louisiana gal & Community Coffee will always be my fallback. I like the medium roast, I love the New Orleans roast... it's all so delicious and always reminds me of home. Home, early morning the house would smell so good and you go in and there's that big silver pot and cups on the stove with hot water in them to keep them warm until somebody is ready for coffee. I love my momma!
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