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Thread: Celeb chefs that you love/hate

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    Quote Originally Posted by BITTER View Post
    LOL, that fork wasn't big enough for Ina.

    I think she's a secret eater. On her show, she just nibbles. I'm sure she puts it away off-camera.

    They showed pics of her in her younger days on the Food Network Chefography - she was a very pretty lady. She still is, just plump.
    she might just nibble on the show doubt that she just nibbles in real life. like i said, she sat next to me at a restaurant once. it is prix fixe and you have a choice of 3 or 4 courses, plus they give you a bunch of things in between, amuses bouche and the like. she ordered the 4 course dinner (a LOT of food), plus some extras. during the bread pass she took more than one roll and stuffed it away like a fricken squirrel. i mean, this place makes their own desserts and bread and everything there is awesome, but come on. she practically licked each plate. it was gross. i don't care if she came off a two-day fast, it was still a lot of food.

    this place serves edible art and it's nice to enjoy food, but to scarf it up like a dog on a bender is bad manners.

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    ^^^^Too bad. She's 60+ now, and she should really keep that in check. Even Pauler is attempting to mend her cholesterol-laden ways: YouTube - We Are So Proud Of You Paula!!!

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