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Thread: America's worst mall foods!

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    What's funny is I could probably eat 23 McDonald's nuggets on any given day! I don't care that they're bad for you, I love me some nuggets!

    I like Panda Express too. But my favorite is the Bourbon Chicken, from the Cajen Cafe! That shit is too good! Man now I want to drive to the mall and get some...
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    I love eating in mall food courts. It's one of my guilty pleasures (along with carnival food).

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    ^I love mall and carnival food, too!! I go to the carnival once a year and get fried everything. At the mall, I can't resist those damn Cinnabons....sooooo very good. All hot and chewy, gooey

    Also, I love the baked cheese pretzel from Wetzels Pretzels.

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    890 calories for one SLICE of Pizza?

    If you're going to be eating Pizza, it goes without saying it's not the healthiest of options, but this is just ridiculous.
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