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Thread: Kellogg donates 'Michael Phelps' cereal boxes to food bank

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    Default Kellogg donates 'Michael Phelps' cereal boxes to food bank

    Kellogg Donates Phelps' Boxes To Food Bank - Boston Sports News Story - WCVB Boston

    Elsa/Getty Images
    Michael Phelps attends the Boston Celtics versus the Utah Jazz game on Dec. 15.

    Kellogg Donates Phelps' Boxes To Food Bank
    Cereal Boxes With Phelps On Cover Donated To San Francisco Facility

    POSTED: 9:02 am EDT March 12, 2009
    UPDATED: 9:27 am EDT March 12, 2009

    SAN FRANCISCO -- Kellogg Co. recently donated thousands of boxes of cereal with Michael Phelps' picture on them to the San Francisco Food Bank.

    Kellogg last month declined to renew its endorsement deal with the Olympic swimming star after a photo surfaced showing him smoking from a marijuana pipe.

    Food bank executive director Paul Ash said he doesn't know specifically why the cereal was donated. Kellogg officials responded to questions Wednesday with an e-mail saying the company routinely donates food that is nearing the end of its shelf life but still good.

    Either way, Ash is glad to have the items, which he said can be hard to come by.

    Phelps was selected to appear on the cereal boxes after he won a record eight gold medals at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

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    Lol That"s Meannnnn

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    It's ridiculous and childish. Get the fuck over it - people smoke pot in this country AND they actually inhale. While they're at it, Kellogg should check into some of their other Goody Two Shoes endorsers, then look into their executive offices. Somebody drink alcohol? Get rid of 'em. And yeah, I know it's illegal and I haven't done it since 1985 on a beautiful sailboat anchored in a bay in the Virgin Islands but grow up folks.

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    Shit! I want a Michael Phelps cereal box! And I'm sure I'm not the only one. Those could potentially be valuable.
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