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Thread: Heston Blumenthal launches 100 cookbook

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    Default Heston Blumenthal launches 100 cookbook

    A 100 cookbook by celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal is to hit the shelves, weighing in at 12lb.

    By Charlotte Bailey
    Last Updated: 2:16PM BST 05 Oct 2008

    Heston Blumenthal has launched his own 516-page recipe collection: The Big Fat Duck Cookbook Photo: JOHN LAWRENCE

    The Big Fat Duck Cookbook is a lavish 516-page book featuring recipes by the chef, who is known for his quirky culinary experiments.
    It even comes in its own silver, duck feather-embossed box.
    The book, which goes on sale this month, will allow people to re-create Blumenthal's unusual dishes for themselves - dishes which, until now, could only be sampled in his exclusive restaurant. They will also cost people a fraction of the price.
    Blumenthal, 42, owner of triple-Michelin-starred restaurant The Fat Duck at Bray in Berkshire, is famed for his smoked bacon and egg ice cream and his snail porridge. The restaurant is known for its 18-course tasting menu.
    His obsession with extracting intense flavours from his ingredients has seen him dubbed 'the emperor of molecular gastronomy'.
    In this cookbook, Blumenthal invites people to cook with such unusual ingredients as spray-dried carrot powder, maltodextrin DE19, yellow pectin and golden frankincense tears to be used in the preparation of reserved frankincense hydrosol.
    Two years ago Blumenthal launched a manifesto to clarify his key principles with regard to food.
    He said that what really mattered to him was the search for flavour.
    He said: "The danger is that technology overtakes the value of the dish."

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    London is littered with cookbooks in this price range. I almost bought one once and then came to my senses.
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