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Thread: Neutrasystem Weight Loss commercials

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    Default Neutrasystem Weight Loss commercials

    Does anyone else think their food looks gross? Jenny Craig's food doesn't look nearly as yuk.

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    NutriSystemŽ Advanced™ - Official Site -Diet Plans, Weight Loss Programs, Diet Programs, Lose Weight
    Healthy Diet Food from Jenny Craig

    Nutrisystem blueberry muffin, 100 cal:

    Jenny Craig blueberry muffin, 200 cal:

    Nutriysystem pasta w/beef, 180 cal:

    Jenny Craig rotini w/meatballs, 250 cal:

    Nutrisystem lasagna, 250 cal:

    Jenny Craig lasagna, 250 cal:

    Nutrisystem cheese puffs, 140 cal:

    Jenny's cheese curls, 130 cal:

    Nutrisystem, Chocolatey nougat bar w/peanuts and caramel, 170 cal:

    Jenny Craig chocolate/caramel peanut bar, 150 cal:

    Yeah, I think Jenny Craig "wins" overall. I also think their portions are bigger, which is why some of the calorie counts are higher.

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    yuck...those meals & snacks look nasty to me. i can't imagine eating packaged meals every single day. it makes way more sense to me to eat real food in reasonable portions. i mean, really, nutrisystems cheese puffs? about giving up crap food instead?
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    if it looks that bad on TV think how really bad it must be in person

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    I've never tried or seen nutrisystem in person, but I have tried Jenny Craig b/c my dad was on it forever. Once he got sick of it we had a freezer full of the food. At first we tried eating some of it so we could get our freezer space back, then we pitched it all. It might "look" OK in the pictures they give you. It does not look good in the real package. Most of the food looks like packaged vomit, and doesn't smell much better. The taste is awful too, either completely tasteless cardboard or some of the most artificial tasting food you can imagine.

    Figure out the calorie count you should be in and structure your own meal plan. You can make low-cal food on your own that tastes much better than this slop and it will be cheaper than either of these plans.

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