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Thread: Virgin Mary pretzel for sale on eBay

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    Default Virgin Mary pretzel for sale on eBay

    Eugene, OR—It's happened again. Someone has found something in the shape of the Virgin Mary. And they're trying to sell it on eBay.
    This one is a pretzel, that looks like the Virgin Mary holding the baby Jesus. Michael Fleming found it in a bag of Rold Gold pretzels 3 years ago, but he's been holding onto it since then.
    His co-workers posted it on eBay Wednesday, and in the first hour, bidding reached $1,000.
    “We're kind of capitalizing on the stupidity of eBay, and that people will buy anything," says Chad "Tanner" Haney, the pretzel's seller. "But it is authentic... straight from the heavens and right on eBay.”
    As of Thursday afternoon, the bidding had reached $8,100. And the eBay site shows the owners to be employees of an FM radio station.

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