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Thread: Auntie Anne's giving away free pretzels

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    Default Auntie Anne's giving away free pretzels

    If you're as obsessed with carbs as I am, this should be some good news for my fellow American bread lovers.

    Free Pretzels on Saturday!

    It really doesn't get much better than warm twisted pretzels sprinkled with salt except for maybe free warm twisted pretzels sprinkled with salt. If you're with me on this one, then you'll be pleased to hear that this Saturday, Feb. 2, mall favorite Auntie Anne's will be giving away free pretzels. The promotion is to celebrate their 20th birthday and completely free pretzels will be available from 10am to 4pm at participating locations. Oh and if you're not a salted pretzel fan, you should know, they're giving away cinnamon-sugar ones too.And, in addition to free pretzels, they're also launching their What a Difference a Family Makes: A New Twist on Giving Back program that will recognize families who volunteer to make their communities better. If you know a family who deserves the recognition, the website will be open for nominations starting Feb. 2

    Auntie Anne's is Giving Away Free Pretzels this Saturday | auntie anne's, charity, freebies | yumsugar - Food, Drink, & Entertaining.

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    Oh shizz,I'm going.
    eat a hot bowl of dicks.

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    Ahhh man. I haven't had one of those in years. Its a heart attack in every bite but so freaking good you wouldn't believe. Eat one for me, bitches!!!
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    never heard of them, maybe they don't have auntie anne's where i live.

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