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Thread: Martha Stewart's show

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    Default Martha Stewart's show

    Martha still has the best foot in mouth disease of anyone on tv. On her show today was this guy who does her Everyday Baking show and he also owns a bakery. He said he wakes up at 2 am, plays with his baby and he's at work by 3 am.

    Then Martha asked how the baby was......then she proceeded to say that John has 3 with each wife. John seemed to recoil and then Martha jumped in and said...oh, he's still close with all of his (former) wives. This guy did not want to continue that conversation. I felt kind of bad for him, but oh that Martha, she did it again.

    I remember on her old show (when she was really nasty), one of the guest chefs was a French chef showing how to make a traditional omelette, where you swirl the scrambled egg in the pan, and flip it around until it's closed and then you slide the folded omelette onto the plate.

    The chef was scrambling and swirling, it was dripping everywhere and Martha was turning purple because of the mess. She kept following her with a sponge and said something like You're spilling the egg everywhere! Her delivery was so nasty, you could just see all that OCD coming out of her ears. I also noticed that the show had been very edited but they left that in.

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    I loved it when special guests would do the arts and crafts WAY better than her.. she got pissed.
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    I had that on today and missed that part DAMN! I heard the part where he gets to work at 3am.
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    I love on her old show when she'd have celebs on as douchey as her and it'd be clash of the assholes.

    She had Bryant Gumble on once to do a turkey for Thanksgiving, and you could feel the waves of type A personality and control freakishess rolling off both of them.
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    I liked it! Served his womanizing butt right!
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    I tivo this show. If you watch the show as a comedy, you'll never be disapointed. I keep hoping that Condie Rice will be a guest doing macaroni/bead art with Martha.
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    Love love love love love Martha and will not hear a word against the crazy bitch.
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    I love Martha, too!!!!!!!!! I have a soft spot for crazies... I read the best unauthorized biography of her years ago.

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    i love martha! she's a classy bitch with a touch of the crazy.
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