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Thread: Soup is liquid, not solid

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    Default Soup is liquid, not solid

    Why is it that I can go to a restaurant and order soup and get something that you can stand the spoon up in? If I want a semi-solid food item, I will order stew or porridge. If I order puree, I understand that it will be thick. But soup should be liquid. It should be "slurpable."

    When it is thick, it does not taste like soup. But, how do I return something when the problem is that it is too thick. I have suspicions that when I returned sludgy broccoli soup, they dumped milk in it and gave it back to me....which did not improve the soup.

    For those of you better versed in cooking than I, is there anyway I can find out if soup is liquid or thick? Does "cream of" mean with milk or cream, or does it mean thick? Help.

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    To me "cream of" has always meant it was made with cream or milk and it always thicker than regular soup. I would just ask the wait staff how the soup is prepared before you order it.

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    ^^ agree with sweetie on that one.

    Also, broth-based soup should be "soup-y," usually clear liquid with some veggies n meat floating around.
    If you don't want it thick, maybe you could ask them not to add corn starch (I don't know if they'd do that for you though cuz I think they have a big pot of it pre-made, they wouldn't cook for one individual every time soup is ordered).

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    I agree about ordering broth-based soup.

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