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Thread: Best meal you've eaten in the past month

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    Default Best meal you've eaten in the past month

    Mine would have to be a meal at the French restaurant not far from where I live. It's authentic bistro-style, with menus written on blackboards, and incredible food.

    The service is friendly and down to earth. Even though a lot of the clientele are rich, they treat everybody the same, which is nice for us poor people.

    I'm not a big meat eater but I had the seven-hour roasted lamb with herbs and leeks, scalloped potatoes and green beans. It was all melt-in-your-mouth delicious. My vegetarian hubby had an incredible terrine.

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    Default Re: Best meal you've eaten in the past month

    This one's EASY.

    I ate at my favorite restaurant last night. It's La Strada in Chicago, and its mucho expensive so we eat there very rarely.

    Appetizer was a salad with their house dressing (which is sort of a tangy mustard dressing) with anything you could probably imagine in it (plus fresh ground pepper).

    For the main course I had salmon with a creamy dill sauce and capers. The salmon literally melted in your mouth, it was SO good, on the side were fresh eggplant slices with zucchini and squash (plus I tried some of my sister's garlic mashed potatos b/c they're my favorite).

    Dessert was flourless chocolate cake that wasn't too sweet with some rasberry sauce drizzled on it. Mmmmm......

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    Default Re: Best meal you've eaten in the past month

    last night. went to dinner with friends to this amazing italian place with a great truffle menu. i started with a sort of truffle omelette - the egg really brings out the taste of the truffles. and followed with an incredible beef fillet with truffles. there's such a ceremony about the whole thing, they serve you your dish and then a waiter comes and grates the truffle directly onto your plate. the food was delicious and truffles jsut have the most wonderful taste and smell.
    and the best part was, two of my friends picked up the tab and refused to let the rest of us pay!

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