A glass of wine 'could cure your sore throat'

Red wine slowed the growth of several bacteria strains

Gargling with a wine mouthwash could be an effective way to ease sore throats and fight tooth decay, researchers in Italy have found.

Although previous studies have suggested moderate wine consumption protects against heart disease and cancer scientists had not investigated whether wine could combat harmful oral bacteria, they said.
The anti-bacterial properties of wine have been known for centuries. However, the study found red wine and to a lesser extent white wine benefitted the body at the point of entry.
Professor Gabriella Gazzani and colleagues at the University of Pavia showed the popular tipple inhibited the growth of several strains of streptococci bacteria.
Tests are now underway to determine wine's effects on respiratory related diseases in humans, according to the study in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. The study came just weeks after scientists in Sweden found alcohol may halve your risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis. They found moderate drinkers, those who drank up to ten units a week, reduced their risk of the disease by 50 per cent. A unit is roughly equivalent to a glass of wine or a small beer.

A glass of wine 'could cure your sore throat' | the Daily Mail