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Thread: San Jose college student shatters hot-dog eating contest

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    Default San Jose college student shatters hot-dog eating contest

    These eating contests are SO stupid and disgusting on many levels

    San Jose college student shatters hot-dog eating contest

    He did it.

    San Jose college student Joey Chestnut shattered the world record for hot dog eating today in Arizona, downing 59 1/2 franks and buns in 12 minutes flat.
    The old record was 53 3/4 set at last year's Coney Island championship on July 4 by Chestnut's hot dog-eating nemesis Takeru Kobayashi -- a six-time world champion.
    On that day, Chestnut fell short by one dog.
    He has been training for a rematch ever since.
    Chestnut's record-breaking win at a regional qualifier got him a seat at that rematch: Nathan's Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog Eating Contest.
    For Chestnut today, it was a hard-fought world record but an easy victory -- the guy who came in second ate 33 hot dogs with their white bread buns.
    "I had been training for this contest for a little bit," Chestnut said in a phone interview from Arizona about five hours after the contest in Tempe.
    For those unfamiliar with the world of competitive eating, that was an understatement.
    Chestnut, 23, started training six weeks ago with what he calls a "hot dog run" two days per week. Each time he consumed as many hot dogs as possible in 12 minutes, doing his "weird" dance, flexing and wiggling to push the food down.
    Then, he didn't eat for three days to prepare for the next time.
    "You have to mentally have a reason to eat that much and maybe convince my body that it's OK it's not going to hurt it," he said.
    One day each week he ate normally. He also took "tons of vitamins," amino acids and protein supplements.
    Before today's contest, he didn't eat Thursday or Friday.
    "It's crazy," he admitted. "I love to compete. I know it's what I have to do to be No. 1."
    While he usually buys cheap dogs for the runs, he splurges on $55 worth of Nathan's hot dogs -- which are used in competitions -- before the events to get a taste for them.
    His whole focus right now is "work and eating."
    He is a project manager for a local construction company and a part-time civil engineering student at San Jose State University, with three semesters to go before graduation.
    Chestnut compares himself to a well-trained athlete who knows his body and pushes it to its limits. He is 6'1'' and 220 pounds - usually.
    He knew he could break the record. He'd done it in practice.
    Yet, officially trouncing Kobayashi's measly 53 3/4 was, well, fulfilling.
    "I was super-excited," said Chestnut, literally 17 pounds heavier from the effort.
    Immediately after the contest, he took a nap.
    It's physically necessary, he said. The body needs every bit of energy to start digesting those 21,000 calories -- bread first, meat over the next couple of days.
    "It was rough," he said tonight just before boarding a plane for New York. "They're all in there right now."
    He won't eat again until "probably" Sunday night.
    In the meantime, he's supposed to throw the first pitch out at the New York Mets baseball game Sunday -- a previously scheduled event that will be even better given the world record, Chestnut said.
    Afterward, it's back to training.
    He'll do another hot dog run on Wednesday.
    After all, it's only four weeks until Coney Island.
    With the world record under his belt, he worries that Japan's Kobayashi will only train harder now.
    Chestnut wants the Mustard Belt that his opponent hoisted above his head on Independence Day last year.
    He wants that glory. "It's also the Fourth of July," he said. "So it's for America, too."

    (Not for me it ain't)

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    I wouldn't want to be his large intestine right now.

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    I know it's gross but it's actually a big deal that he beat Kobayashi. That Kobayashi kid is a human eating machine and he's a little wisp of a thing. Who knows where it all goes. He's right though, I bet Kobayashi is just gonna train harder now.

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    Sad that I know this. Local guy, so I am very happy for him. Go Joey!

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    it makes me gag just to watch these contests. blech
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    You know what I don't understand? I can't get more than maybe two hotdogs (with buns) into my stomach, but somehow these people are cramming 59 hotdogs and buns into their stomachs?

    21,000 calories !?!?!??!?!!

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    I thought that they "purged" them afterwards? I remember watching a documentary on a guy that was trying to get to the Nathan's contest, and he moved to another state where his chances to qualify regionally were better. After the Nathan's contest, all these people wanted to talk to him, and he said that he lost his chance to purge and that he was going to be very sick from all the nitrites in the hot dogs.

    There is not one single aspect of this situation that can be good for you.

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    I've seen these competitions on ESPN or some such channel. Disgusting and why it's considered sport is beyond me.

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    I'm morbidly fascinated by these things, I will watch one through its entirety if flip to one. I was watcing one one day where they were eating some animal' brain (sheep I think) THAT was foul.

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    I'm completely fascinated too! I've watched parts of the actual competition, as well as some documentary type program where they touched on the subject of how these people eat such huge volumes of food, Kobayashi in particular since he's so thin and small.

    I think they concluded that's just how he is, and training for it does actually help in terms of stretching the stomach and training your muscles, swallowing and esophagus to accept and process large quantities of food.

    I'm fascinated because it seems so impossible. The guy on the Man Show who used to drink a whole mug of beer in one single gulp, that guy was impressive too. It's like a magic trick or something. Not healthy, but riveting.

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    OMG. I just found this on Youtube. It's the stupidest thing I've ever seen, Kobayashi v. a bear in a hot dog eating contest.

    I guess I hadn't seen Kobayashi in a while, he grew up, bulked up and he's not so small anymore. And he lost, the bear won! He was looking around at the lights and cameras, but he still won. Of course at the end Kobayashi is all like, I'd like to do it again, I want another chance to beat the bear!

    eta Wikipedia info:

    Kobayashi expands his stomach for a competition by eating larger and larger amounts of food, and then exercises to ensure that fat will not impede expansion of his stomach during a competition.[10] According to a 2006 episode of MTV's documentary series True Life, Kobayashi has a condition called gastroptosis, an abnormal downward displacement of the stomach. It plays a role in his eating ability because his stomach is able to expand below the rib cage unlike most people, allowing him to take in large portions of food.
    Physically Kobayashi has undergone drastic change from his earlier appearances on the competitive eating circuit (weighing in at a mere 110 pounds (50 kg) in his beginning competitions and then 144 pounds (65 kg) in later events.) This is due in large part to his more recent endeavors in weight training. By training with weights and working out, Kobayashi has increased his metabolism, which in turn has helped him to burn more calories. This training is used by Kobayashi to maintain his overall health as well as helping him to elude excess calories from being stored as fat. Kobayashi's official Web site gives his height as 173 cm (5 ft 7 in) and his weight as 75 kg (165 lb), but in a June 29, 2006, entry on his blog, he says that his weight grew to over 196 pounds (89 kg) during 2006, still being under 10 percent body fat.

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