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Thread: How to cook a steak

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    Default How to cook a steak

    I have discovered this technique for cooking a steak indoors (of course grilling is always nicest, but not always feasible). I rarely eat steak, much less cook it, but decided to be nice to my husband (he is a major carnivore and gets tired of my vegetarian-tendancies at times) and cook it for him.

    I ran across this page and followed the technique, I was in heaven. Really, really juicy and tasty. And I didn't even get a high-end cut of meat, just some sirloin that was around 4-5 dollars a pound. Yet cooking it this way made it sooooooo good!

    How to Cook a Steak at Tastebud Chicago
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    I don't eat steak, but my boyfriend does so I told him about this recipe. He thinks it sounds delish Wants to try it this weekend. Thanks for posting.

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    I think I saw this method of cooking on the Alton Brown show a while ago. It really is the best way of cooking steak in my opinion, sears in all the juices inside.

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    Yum, I'm totally going to try this. Thanks!

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