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Thread: Top Thermogenic Foods (burn calories while you eat these)!

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    Thumbs up Top Thermogenic Foods (burn calories while you eat these)!

    Some choices from link:

    Salsa -
    Salsa was proven at the Oxford Institute to stimulate the metabolism approximately 15 to 20%. It's also America's number 1 condiment now. You can throw it on anything from baked potatoes and scrambled eggs to beans and even veggies. It's going to help because it is a natural thermogenic food that increases your metabolism. Of course, the hotter the better, but only choose what best suits your taste buds.

    Chili Sauce / Mustard -
    British investigators added about 3/5 of a teaspoon of hot chili sauce or ordinary mustard to a meal, and the hot stuff caused average metabolism in 12 subjects to shoot up 25%! The subjects burned off an extra 45 calories in the next 3 hours. Mustard and hot sauces such as Tabasco, caused one person to burn off 76 calories!
    Ice Water -
    High water intake reduces fat deposits and rids the body of toxins. Simply drinking eight 16 oz. glasses of water throughout the day, cooled to 40 Fahrenheit, will burn 200 calories; that's equivalent to running 3 miles! Ice water will burn more calories since your metabolism will increase to warm the water to body temperature. It is also very effective for reducing cravings. If you're not a water fan, we suggest you experiment with purified, spring or reverse osmosis water. If you're still not convinced, add a little juice for flavor. Don't drink Ice Water with meals as it dilutes digestive enzymes. A little warm water or herb tea is a good choice then.

    Grapefruit -
    Grapefruit is not a diet myth. It actually helps dissolve fat and high cholesterol, as proven at the University of Florida, by Dr. James Cerda. Grapefruits are loaded with over 15 grams of pectin, which helps curb your appetite by expanding in the body and making you feel fuller, longer. It is rich in natural galacturonic acid, which adds to the potential to fight fat and cholesterol. Try sprinkling cinnamon on your grapefruit to reduce the tart taste, or a little fructose if you have a sweet tooth. For a unique taste, sprinkle the grapefruit with cinnamon and broil for a few minutes; it makes a nice appetizer for a meal.

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    Default Re: Top Thermogenic Foods (burn calories while you eat these)!

    I especially agree with the ice water part. THat's why it's really recomended to drink water while running or jogging, it helps keep the body cool and it helps burn calories more after you stop excerising.

    These tips are good to know.

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    Default Re: Top Thermogenic Foods (burn calories while you eat these)!

    I think celery might be one of these, too. I remember watching a news story where they said if you ate two stalks of celery after eating a slice of pizza, the energy to digest the celery actually burns off pizza!

    Too bad I hate celery

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    you already know.

    Default Re: Top Thermogenic Foods (burn calories while you eat these)!

    Yes! This Thread Is Perfectly What I Needed To Jumpstart My Metabolism

    sprinkle the grapefruit with cinnamon and broil for a few minutes; it makes a nice appetizer for a meal.
    ummm omg what?! broil fruit? i've never heard of that, but have any of you tried it???
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    Default Re: Top Thermogenic Foods (burn calories while you eat these)!

    I freaking love salsa, mustard and grapefruit. Too bad I don't eat them as much as I should.....

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    this is such good news. i eat salsa with everything. i just got this new kind from the store, it's family made, just broke into the commercial market. the young guy that developped the recipe was at the store offering samples and it actually blew me away. i never succumb to impulse buys but lordie it was good. i am not wild about grapefruit but occasionally i like it. and mmm mustard and hot sauce are fantastic condiments. this is great!

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    This is absolutely true. Celery is known as a negative calorie food. Although I seriously doubt that it will burn off the calories of a Pizza, you actually burn more calories than you ingest by eating celery. Chewing and digestion of the celery burns more calories than the celery contains.

    A trick that I use to start my metabolism AND fill me up (although maybe not deemed a 'meal') is Jalapenos on cracker (wheat). This heats up your body and the crackers swell in your stomach, giving you a 'full' feeling. Of course, you'll drink a ton of water in the process which is always good and helps the crackers swell. Just a little idea for anyone who wants to do the same. I can easily drop 5 lbs in a week by replacing lunch with this little trick.

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