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Thread: Mirror-glaze Cakes

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    Default Mirror-glaze Cakes

    I stumbled on this post on CakeWrecks and I am fascinated by this technique. So cool. There are several videos on YouTube that show how it's done.

    Sunday Sweets Special Feature: The "Mirror Cakes" of Olga Noskova

    May 29, 2016
    The shiny "mirror cakes" of Olga Noskova have been going viral the past few weeks, and today I am jumping on that shiny, shiny bandwagon, you guys, because LOOKIE:When I first saw this cake my jaw literally dropped. And that's coming from someone whose JOB is to look at the world's most beautiful cakes.I thought I'd seen it all.I WAS WRONG.Check out this marbling:And this funky-cool fluting:Incredibly, Noskova's cakes even look as beautiful inside as they do out:So how does she do it?Here's a short video from Noskova's brand new Youtube channel to illustrate:The "mirror glaze" is a poured on gelatin mixture, and is apparently an old French technique that just isn't used very often. (Although I bet it's about to get a LOT more popular. Ha!)And while everyone is focusing on that incredible shine, it turns out Nokova has perfected another incredible cake texture:A velvety matte speckle, which she achieves with a powered sprayer.Both of her signature textures together:This is cake art in every sense of the word, but as John pointed out to me, it's cake art that you still want to eat. Somehow Noskova has managed to make her cakes look as delicious as they are beautiful - and we all know that's no small task in the modern cake world.Head over to Olga's Instagram for sooo much more (it wasn't easy to narrow down my favs!), and then watch her new Youtube channel for hopefully more instructional vids to come.Happy Sunday, everyone!*****
    Cake Wrecks - Home - Sunday Sweets Special Feature: The "Mirror Cakes" of OlgaÂ*Noskova

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    I knew these would look like jello!

    Some of them are pretty amazing but nope, I'm not eating something that looks like a gelatinous purple inner tube.
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    I'd be happy to try it.
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    These are beautiful. I would totally try all of them.
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    Beautiful as art, but I'd only try the powder-texture ones. Gelatin anything is just nasty.
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    These are gorgeous. I'd eat them all.
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