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Thread: Award winning Cakemaker recreates lifesized cakes of bride and groom

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    Default Award winning Cakemaker recreates lifesized cakes of bride and groom

    Woman recreates lifesized cakes of bride and groom

    Woman recreates lifesized cakes of bride and groom

    Australian Women's Weekly
    2 hrs ago

    © Australian Women's Weekly The happy couple and their wedding cakes.

    Is your spouse good enough to eat?

    A bride who is by profession a cake maker has made a life-size, cake-version of herself and her husband for her wedding reception, complete with beer cans on the groom’s head.

    The Mirror reports that Lara Clarke "created myself as the happy bride on our wedding day".

    She also created a cake in the shape of her groom, Nikki Mason, "drinking cans of lager from a marriage survival kit, as a way of coping with getting married to me".

    Lara’s creations have been in the news before: in 2013, her cake version of Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean took out the gold at an international cake contest.

    ************ Second article about Lara**************

    Johnny Depp cake: Woman bakes giant Jack Sparrow

    Johnny Depp cake: Woman bakes giant Jack Sparrow - BBC News

    • 8 November 2013

    (BBC) Lara Clarke only started designing cakes two years ago

    (BBC) Ms Clarke's cake-decorating skills were learned online.

    (BBC) The 5ft 5in cake was transported by minibus

    A woman has baked an "almost life-sized" Johnny Depp cake for a competition.

    Lara Clarke, an amateur baker from Brownhills, West Midlands, made the Pirates of the Caribbean-inspired creation for the Cake International competition in Birmingham.

    She said: "The judges are probably more used to seeing three-tier wedding cakes than giant Jack Sparrows."

    A competition spokesperson said entrants' creativity was "surprising".

    Ms Clarke, who is entering the 5ft 5in (1.65m) cake in the large decorative exhibit section of the competition, said she had only started baking two years ago

    "All I'd really made before was some bog-standard banana cake in home economics," she said.

    "The first time I baked a decorated cake was for my mother-in-law's 25th wedding anniversary. I thought it was rubbish but everybody else seemed to like it."

    Since then, Ms Clarke has baked cakes for family and friends.

    Previous efforts have included a 4ft (1.2m) Grinch cake, a motorbike and a cake replica of her mother-in-law.

    Ms Clarke, who works for a bingo website, said she learned her skills from watching YouTube videos.

    The Johnny Depp cake is the first time she has attempted anything on such a large scale.

    "One of my friends was on the phone and said I should enter Cake International," she said.

    "At the time I was watching Pirates of the Caribbean. I was watching Jack Sparrow, played by Johnny Depp, and I thought he would make the perfect cake.

    "He wears all these different fabrics, so he has lots of different textures to him.

    "He's just shy of life-size because I was worried we wouldn't be able to get him out of the door.

    "It took me 90 hours to make. We live with my fiancé's parents and I think they will be pleased to get rid of it.

    "When my father-in-law first saw him, he leapt about 10ft in the air thinking we had burglars."

    Ms Clarke has hired a minibus to take Johnny to the competition. The results will be known on Sunday.

    She said: "The competition is like the Crufts of the baking world. People like Mary Berry will be there."

    A spokesperson for Cake International said: "There really is no limit to the talent and ingenuity of the competitors."

    ***********Third Article about Lara **************

    Jennifer Lawrence Hunger Games cake wins gold

    Jennifer Lawrence Hunger Games cake wins gold - BBC News

    8 November 2014

    A woman has won a gold award at national baking competition by entering a life-sized Jennifer Lawrence cake.

    (BBC) Ms Clarke said she replicated Jennifer Lawrence's measurements as best she could

    Lara Clarke, from Walsall, won the award at the Cake International contest with her 5ft 10in (1.7m) creation, inspired by the Hunger Games star.

    Ms Clarke previously triumphed at the contest with a life-sized Johnny Depp cake, which made headlines around the world.

    She said she found her second consecutive success "hugely exciting".

    Ms Clarke also won silver in the large decorative exhibit section at the competition, with a cake based on her favorite Game of Thrones character Tyrion Lannister.

    She spent two-and-a-half months working on the cakes ahead of the competition at Birmingham's National Exhibition Centre,

    The Jennifer Lawrence sponge cake required 150 eggs, 10kg (22lb) flour and 10kg butter.

    When asked what she planned to enter next year, she said she would need a "long lie down" before she decided.

    Clare Fisher, senior sales executive at Cake International, said the standard of entries was "breathtaking".

    (BBC) Lara Clarke's two cakes, inspired by Hunger Games and Game of Thrones, won gold and silver in the large decorative exhibit section.

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    Yeah. That's not creepy at all.
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    I totally blame Buddy Valastro for this f*ckery.....
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    Um.... her faces could use a little work. That is seriously supposed to be Tyrion Lannister? And apparently she has no idea what her own husband looks like.

    Jack Sparrow is pretty good, though.

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    Are these really cakes though? Too often I see these creations on shows and find out it's mostly rice crispy treats formed into shapes and covered with icing. That's not cake to me.
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    That's creepy as fuck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sluce View Post
    Are these really cakes though? Too often I see these creations on shows and find out it's mostly rice crispy treats formed into shapes and covered with icing. That's not cake to me.
    Or, they're pvc pipe or plywood covered in fondant or modeling chocolate. Some of the cakes are beautiful, but mostly not edible. I remember watching Ace of Cakes, and IIRC, his creations were mostly cake.

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    Her cakes have the same shitty tadpole shape eyebrows that she has

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    If you want to see it done right, look up Mike McCarey. His work is phenomenal. These take work and talent for sure but he has a better eye for proportion and scale.

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    She also did Prince George:

    Life-size Prince George cake earns baker top prize
    By Press Association
    Published: 16:32 EST, 7 November 2015 | Updated: 16:32 EST, 7 November 2015

    A talented baker has cooked up top prize in a competition after creating a life-sized cake of young royal Prince George.

    The cake, which stands 3ft (0.9m) tall, won the top Gold award at the Cake International event held at Birmingham's NEC this weekend.

    Winning baker and self-confessed royalist Lara Mason, from Walsall in the West Midlands, said she decided on George as her muse as much for tactical reasons, as anything else.

    Laura Mason with her winning Prince George cake at the Cake International event in Birmingham (Handout/PA)

    The 29-year-old explained that having won the same award last year with her life-sized cake of Hollywood A-lister Jennifer Lawrence's character in The Hunger Games, judges advised her that she needed to focus on detail.

    Mrs Mason said: "Basically, last year the judges said the cakes were great but being so large they were missing on detail, and the faces in particular.

    "Those are the most important detail, so I went smaller and thought that I should do the most recognisable child in the world, which is Prince George."

    It took Mrs Mason 30 hours to craft the cake, which is built on a skeleton of steel, wood and PVC tubing.

    Layers of cake were then baked and placed around the skeleton, while blocks of modelling chocolate made up the face, which were shaped to match the subject's features.

    The cake was then covered in icing and painted with food colouring.

    In the case of the winning creation, George was depicted in the same outfit of red shorts and patterned white shirt that he wore for the Christening of his sister Princess Charlotte in July.

    Fresh from her win, Mrs Mason - who got married in Malta two weeks ago - said she is now under even more pressure, as she has just a week to bake her own wedding cake for a party at home to celebrate the recent nuptials.

    She added: "Next year I am definitely having a break."

    Another PG photo and other entries:

    Lifelike: Prince George wearing the outfit he wore for his Princess Charlotte's christening

    Baker Lara Clarke, who created the Prince George cake, said she 'used about four or five Madeira cakes and used modelling chocolate to sculpt him into shape'

    The attention to detail in the Prince George cake is shown by the decoration to recreate his patterned shirt

    Scary sponge: Jurassic Cake display featuring a full size head of a Tyrannosaurus Rex

    The 4ft (1.2m) tall gravity-defying Star Wars wedding cake which features a top tier which looks like it is floating in mid-air is just one of the many impressive desserts on display at Cake International in Birmingham

    Baker Emma Jayne puts the finishing touches to her six- foot tall Maleficent themed cake

    The cheekbones of Angelina Jolie are shaped into the impressive cake

    +21A tiger-themed cake with the big cat resting its paws on what seems to be a rock

    +21The homage to the Rocky Horror show cake with bright icing and licorice laces

    Read more: Bakers put on stunning display of cakes at this year's Cake International | Daily Mail Online
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook
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