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Thread: Baking help needed

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    Default Baking help needed

    When my oldest niece turned 21 I made her a cake that had a drunk Barbie with her head in the Barbie sized toilet. Now her sister is turning 21 and I am making her a cake but need it to be a little different. Her party theme is Red Solo Cup. So, I bought the tiered pans and decided to put a martini glass on top with a drunk Barbie in the glass. Here is a pic I took using the pans to show scale.


    My issue is that the bottom tier is 14 inches. I have never baked something that large and am concerned about it baking evenly. I don't have baking strips but made some using a towel like someone on line suggested. I plan to line the pan with parchment. I welcome any suggestions/advice for making sure it bakes evenly. The other 2 layers are standard 10 and 6 inches so I am not worried about them.

    My daughter will turn 21 in a few months and I have planned out a Keg Stand Barbie theme for her cake. Then I got a Grandma Barbie and we will make a drunk grandma cake when my Mom turns 75 next years. LOL
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    that cake is going to be awesome! maybe PM bella because she seems to be our most professional baker. make sure we get a pic once it is all done!
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    can't post pics because my computer's broken and i'm stupid

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    that's actually really clever

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