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Thread: Preserving Jalepeno Peppers

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    Default Preserving Jalepeno Peppers

    Does anyone have a recipe or any good ways to preserve/can/pickle Jalepeno peppers and other kinds of Hot peppers? Our garden will be full of them soon, and although I use some in my homemade salsa, I don't use all of them. My hubby was asking if there was a way to can or pickle them so he could eat them throughout the year. Thanks for any hints (Or any other suggestions with what to do with the surplus)!
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    Default Re: Preserving Jalepeno Peppers

    Not sure, buy you can dry them. A friend makes jalapeno jelly and jam that is delicious and I'm sure there are recipes online.
    Here's one site: ttp://

    Send some my way! I didn't plant any this year because I was away and I miss them.

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