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Thread: Kitchen gadgets - ones that work and you love

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    Default Kitchen gadgets - ones that work and you love

    Starting a new gadgets thread.

    I think I need this like yesterday. It looks like it really works. I eat fresh pineapple all the time and know how to slice them correctly, but wow.

    Here's the home shopping demo - click on video tab

    Stainless Steel Professional Pineapple Slicer

    I want a mango slicer too. I do everything the old fashioned way. I think I want life to be easier.

    This is my new salad dressing toy. Whisks my vinaigrette really creamy.

    Bodum® Schiuma Black Turbo Frother - Bed Bath & Beyond

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    I love OXO stuff!

    I love my OXO apple slicer

    I make all my own dressings and love the OXO shaker

    OXO Cherry pitter is also good for olives

    I have just about every microplane made

    I love my Cuisenart stick blender!!!

    Hamilton Beach Set it and Forget it Slow Cooker is awesome

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    The pineapple slicer looks great. I'm tempted too. My fave gadget is my rice cooker. Yes, the old fashioned way is also easy but the cooker does all types of rice perfectly every time. My holy grail kitchen gadget is a garlic press that doesn't clog up so you get a few fragments through the holes and a compressed mush elsewhere that needs a knifepoint to pick clean. The closest is a fine micro plane grater which works but often with shredded finger nail or finger skin added.
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    ^ Agree with A*O. I love my rice cooker, and I've been searching for a garlic press like my mother-in-law's - for years - in vain. I also like my stick/wand blender and use it all the time.

    I like the look of that OXO shaker!
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    I use a Mastercraft strap wrench as a jar opener. Canadian Tire - Mastercraft 2-pack Boa Constrictor Strap Wrench customer reviews - product reviews - read top consumer ratings

    Without it, I'd be reduced to breaking jars open with a hammer and picking shards of glass out of my food.
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    My fav is a tiny wisk found in my Christmas stocking one year. Perfect for coffee stirring and tons of other things.
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    I don't know what I did before I got my rice cooker either. It's not even that fancy (Walgreens), but my rice is almost always perfect now. I also love my Keurig coffee maker.
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    Have a pinnaple slicer but always end up in the peel. But mine is a white plastic one.

    Cannot live without my nespresso and the frother.

    Use my steamer every day! Super easy and yummy

    also have super wine opener, does everthing by itself, want the cuisineart mixer, looks super,

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    That pineapple slicer is all kinds of fucking awesome.
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    My mom has that pineapple slicer and it works just like a charm. Super awesome. I love all kitchen gadgets and am always looking for more. I have drawers and drawers full and I'm going to be adding to my wish list from this thread. I don't know that I have a favorite, but the ones I use the most are the ground hamburger chopper and the tiny little spatula for getting into tiny little crevices in jars and other containers. Oh, and the push through solid/liquid measuring cup.

    I also love my empanada presses, different measuring cups and spoons of all sizes and varieties, and did I mention I'm a kitchen gadget addict?
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    my latest gadget is my breville juicer. love it!

    Breville Juice Fountain Multi-Speed | Williams-Sonoma
    can't post pics because my computer's broken and i'm stupid

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    apple corer:

    stove-top espresso maker:

    vacu vin wine saver vacuum pump:

    demi-lune chopper:
    mine's a single blade but i keep meaning to track down a twin-blade one. amazing for chopping herbs.

    pestle and mortar:

    ikea's flat plastic can opener:
    slices the can open below the lip so no jagged or sharp edges.

    zyliss bottle opener:
    easiest bottle opener ever and it even has a built-in slicer to cut through the aluminium cover over the cork, after that you just stick the screw into the cork and keep twisting in the same direction and it will go down and come back up even though you're only turning in the one direction. the plastic tube guarantees the corkscrew goes in straight and it's just impossible to mess up. cheaper and more efficient and lightweight than a tonne of expensive and cumbersome bottle openers out there.

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    i'm with you guys on the rice cooker. we have a japanese one that is fancy (it was a gift) but before that just a really simple one.

    also agree with sput about the vacu-vin and chalet about the handheld blender.

    but another i like is our japanese water bucket. i typically hate countertop appliances, they waste space and don't get used so much, but this thing is wonderful. i drink a lot of tea and this helps. Zojirushi CD-LCC40 Micom 4.0-Liter Electric Dispensing Pot: Kitchen & Dining

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    I love my rice cooker! We have one from a persian market that makes perfect basmati rice and tadig when you want it

    I love my apple slicer.

    My nespresso and frother, too (Kasippu).

    My old crock pot.

    Our Vitamix (the SO had to have it).

    Jar opener. Mine is just a little rubber thing, but I want the one Twitchy has.

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    I have been searching for this kitchen gadget but have not been able to find it locally yet.

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