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Thread: Harrods launches Justin Bieber sundae for 20‎

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    Default Harrods launches Justin Bieber sundae for 20‎

    If Justin Bieber were an ice cream, he'd be pink, white and sparkly all over.

    That's according to the ice cream makers at Harrods in London, who have created the Bieber Bocker Glory inspired by the notes of his newest perfume Someday, a sweet, fruity fragrance that launched at the department store last week.
    The sundae is a mix of wild berry and vanilla ice cream with fresh pear, lavender sprinkles and edible glitter that will set Bieber fans back a a good 19.95 (22.70), reports Women's Wear Daily.
    All proceeds will go towards Bieber's chosen UK charity, Make-A-Wish-Foundation. The ice cream will be available at Harrods' new Ice Cream Parlour on the second floor for the month of August.

    If there is one ice cream maker, however, that taps into the star power of celebrities for inspiration, it's Ben & Jerry's, which names flavors after favorite musicians and late night talk show hosts.
    One of the brand's most popular flavors is Cherry Garcia, named after Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead, while the newest flavor, Late Night Snack - vanilla bean ice cream with a salty caramel swirl and fudge-covered potato chip clusters - is inspired by late night talk show host Jimmy Fallon.

    Harrods launches Justin Bieber sundae for 20 - Food & Drink, Life & Style - The Independent

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    This must be some sort of joke...

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    thats kind of an insult to a straight teenage boy, his ice cream is pink and glittery, even more for bieber because he is a butch lesbian
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    LOL. He has a fucking perfume? Jesus.

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    and it's sweet and fruity, to go with his pink and glittery ice cream.
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    At least it goes to charity. I wonder how many mothers will be forced to pay!
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