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Thread: Taco Bell tests shell made of Doritos

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    Default Taco Bell tests shell made of Doritos

    Taco Bell tests shell made of Doritos : Hot Topics

    Taco Bell is not new to the novelty food game; half the items on their menu are semi-edible objects contrived out of a taco crammed into something else on the menu. Yet they are still relatively tame compared to the infamous KFC Double down or Denny's Maple Bacon Sundae.

    So they might be stepping up their game with explorations into taco shells made from Doritos Nacho Cheese chips.

    There was significant buzz this week surrounding a nearly year-old Youtube video which was unearthed showing a dude taste-testing one of the Doritofied tacos and Grub Grade released close-up photos of the shells being test marketed in Toledo, Ohio, a hotbed of Mexican cuisine.

    No comment from The Bell on a potential nation-wide release.


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    It could work but a better idea would be to put the powder cheese stuff only on the inside of the shell (if that's possible).
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    I would try it. It sounds like a sodium nightmare though.

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    Now I want a taco.
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    Anyone had one of these taste delights yet?
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