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Thread: £111 cheese sandwich is topped with gold dust‎

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    Default £111 cheese sandwich is topped with gold dust‎

    Celebrity chef Martin Blunos unveils a lunchtime snack served with gold dust - and £92 worth of truffle

    Martin Blunos with the £111 cheese sandwich he unveiled at the Frome cheese show in Somerset. Photograph: SWNS

    At first glance it looks like the sort of snack that the cartoon characters Scooby-Do and Shaggy would approve of - a multi-layered sandwich with tasty goodies spilling out everywhere.
    But this may just be the world's most expensive cheese sandwich, made with a special cheddar blended with white truffles and sprinkled with gold dust – and carrying a price tag of £111.
    The creation was unveiled by the celebrity chef Martin Blunos at the Frome cheese show in Somerset where he is judging a sandwich-making competition featuring less ambitious versions of the lunchtime staple.

    Blunos said: "We Brits are known to love our cheese sandwiches, and here's one that is fit for the banqueting table. The white truffle fuses beautifully with the West Country cheddar and the edible gold gives it a really special look."
    Actually the gold sprinkles are relatively cheap. What makes it so expensive is that white truffle cheese, which itself cost £92 to make.
    Blunos used a £5 loaf of sourdough dressed with extra virgin olive oil and then layered cheese, slices of quail egg, tomato, apple and fresh figs. He added dainty mustard red frills, pea shoots and the herb red amaranth for a salad layer and topped the whole masterpiece with edible gold dust.
    There is no current record for the most expensive cheese sandwich but Blunos and cheesemaker Pilgrims have applied to the Guinness World Records to have their sandwich recognised.

    Full list of ingredients:

    Black tomato – £1.51
    Balsamic vinegar – £2.25
    Pea shoots – 60p
    Red mustard frill – 55p
    Red amaranth – 55p
    Two fresh figs – 1.36p
    Apple – 34p
    Sourdough loaf – £5
    Extra virgin olive oil – £1.60
    Quail eggs – £1.53
    Edible gold dust – £3.30
    West Country vintage farmhouse cheddar blended with white truffle – £92

    World's most expensive cheese sandwich? Yours for £111 | Life and style |

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    That sandwich is a waste of some good ingredients.

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    does anyone else have god awful burps after eating truffles?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KristiB View Post
    That sandwich is a waste of some good ingredients.

    IKR? All those rare, expensive ingredients and the best thing he can think of to do with them is a sammich? Chef FAIL.
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    As somebody who could happily live on sandwiches I think he's put them to excellent use.
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    i don't give a crap about the gold dust but the rest of that sandwich sounds damn good. mmmmm white truffles and cheddar.
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    I might try it, for eleven quid.
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