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Thread: Yea or nay: Do you tip when doing takeout?

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    Default Yea or nay: Do you tip when doing takeout?

    Yea or nay: Do you tip when doing takeout? | Daily Dish | Los Angeles Times

    I like to think of myself as a good tipper. Unless the service is horrible, I leave 20%. And even when I am just ordering a cup of coffee and some toast and reading the Sunday paper, I leave a few extra bucks for the server to hopefully make up for the person who leaves nothing at all. (You'd be surprised at how often that happens.)

    But this story would suggest that I am a pretty bad tipper.

    According to this Guide to Tipping Etiquette that I found on Yahoo News, I should:

    --Tip at least 25 cents at the coffee counter. I only tip when I'm ordering a specialty drink, otherwise, isn't that the whole job of a barrista? And half the time they're handing me a cup to pour my own, or I have my own to-go mug. Do I really need to tip for that?

    --Tip $1 to $3 to the grocery bagger if he/she helps you to your car. Never used this service, but I'm not sure I would have thought to tip them if I did. Now I know.

    But this is the one that stopped me in my tracks:

    --Tip 10% when doing takeout. I have to confess that I have never tipped on takeout. But, when you think about it, someone is doing much more work than just delivering food to your table. (Someone has to put the order together, check it and take care in the packing so that stuff isn't slipping and sliding around, add napkins, etc.) From now on, I will reward that service.

    What do you think? Do you tip for takeout? Or do you think the cost of doing this is included in the cost of the food?

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    I always tip on takeout, a couple of dollars. We had this discussion at work and my boss does not tip on takeout.
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    We order pizza from the same place every time and our delivery driver is usually the same guy. We tip him every time and he always brings our pizza speedy quick and piping hot while keeping our beverages icy cold. Not like that OTHER place near us that is more popular with the locals but takes forever to deliver lukewarm soggy 'zza. Bleh.

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    I always tip the minimum and go from there, I know most are only getting paid a % of wage and it is assumed they get tips (according to their employers)
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    Yeah, we always tip the delivery guys (well my husband does - I would never have thought to).

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    Sure, I always tip delivery people but if I just order takeout and I pick it up, I don't. I've never even thought about it, and I'm conscientious about tipping well - always 20% in restaurants. But if I pick up my own food, I just don't. I don't tip someone at IN N Out who is just putting my burger in a bag and stuff either, so I'm not sure why I should. I'm sure this will make me sound like a bitch, but whatever.
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    I tip delivery people of course, and if I pick up take out I tip sometimes. Like if I get it from a place where the waitress takes the takeout order. If I buy it at a counter I don't usually unless it was a complicated order or something.

    Ex: If I pop in and buy an ice cream cone- no tip. But if I pop in with three kids and order 4 sundaes I tip.
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    Not when they are late...
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