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Thread: What do you eat in south-west/west US?

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    Default What do you eat in south-west/west US?

    As a student of mine is going to a trip through the south-west USA, she asked me whether there is any typical food in this part of the country she should try out?

    The states she's travelling through would include:
    New Mexico

    I would be glad if you could post me some names of meals (and their main ingredient) that are a delicacy or especially worth trying.

    Thanks a lot denny

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    I know rattlesnake is a delicacy in the southwest. New Mexican cuisine is a lot like the cuisine I grew up around... mexican dishes but a bit of an American twist. I'd recommend chicharrones (fried pork rind), pozole (a simmered stew with hominy and pork), menudo (a spicy soup made with beef tripe and hominy), huitlacoche (actually the fungus that grows on corn but it's considered a delicacy and is eaten in tortillas and quesadillas). Hope your student has fun

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    Southern California its all about Mexican Food. and not that Taco Bell stuff, but real mexican food.
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