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Thread: $12 Cup Of Coffee Comes To New York

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    Quote Originally Posted by MohandasKGanja View Post
    It kind of reminds me of this ice cream place that used to be around when I was a kid -- Farrell's. On their menu (as a gag, I hope), they had listed "perfect scoop of vanilla ice cream" for $100.

    The description was like out of a J. Peterman catalog -- over-the-top prose saying how great it was. I remember thinking back then, "that must be the best scoop of ice cream EVER."
    Heh, remember the "pig's trough" at Farrell's?
    What I really want to know is whether it makes your poop glow in the dark after eating it! ~ Kittylady

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lalique View Post
    Heh, remember the "pig's trough" at Farrell's?
    One of my fondest memories.....

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    I wouldn't do it. I'm just now getting over my Starbucks indulgence now that I've discovered better places for coffee, and realized how much like burnt ass a starbucks coffee can taste. For $12, this coffee shop can kiss every hemisphere of my natural-born black ass. And I brew a good cup if I say so myself.

    And whoever mentioned Teavana, I totally agree. I'd rather drink old bong water than give them a dime of my hard-earned money. I discovered better places for my tea fix
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