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Thread: Help needed: Healthy Christmas appetizers

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    Question Help needed: Healthy Christmas appetizers

    I need help coming up with some healthy, tasty Christmas appetizers to bring to a Christmas party.

    I've looked online but I really want some tried and true tested recipes becuase the ones online sometimes don't work and I don't have time to test them before.

    Thanks Everyone!!
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    Green or purple seedless grapes.

    Make a mixture of blue cheese and cream cheese. Then roll the grapes in the mixture and then roll it in crushed walnuts. Make about 40

    The recipes I'm finding online are gross and different, with the whole thing just mixed together. Don't do that.

    Just make them on wax paper and pop them in the freezer before you leave for the party.

    Here's a recipe

    Grapes Rolled in Blue Cheese and Nuts Recipe : Curtis Aikens2 : Food Network

    I'll try to find pix

    Here is what they look like when done.

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