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Thread: Need recipes for REALLY hot foods for a birthday present!

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    Default Need recipes for REALLY hot foods for a birthday present!

    My brother LOVES super hot foods, experimenting with various hot sauces and eating the hottest peppers he can get his hands on. He's also a big meat eater. He just moved out on his own after graduating college and he's still figuring out this cooking thing, so for his birthday, I've gotten him a selection of hot sauces and a steak/burger/chop rub.

    I'd like to give him some easy recipes to go along with it, but I'm a vegetarian and couldn't tell a person how to do anything with meat. The sites I ordered from don't have much in the way of recipes, so I'm hoping someone here can help out.

    So- what would you cook with these sauces and how? If you have some awesome recipes you could share, or if you could make one up, I'd REALLY appreciate it. Also, I don't know if he knows what to do with a steak / burger / chop dust, so can someone please explain?

    Hot sauces I have for him + descriptions, from here:
    Zakk's Sonic Brew Berserker Sauce
    Moderately hot, this sauce is recommended with fish tacos, fajitas, eggs, salmon, chicken or anything that goes with beer.

    Zakk's Stronger than Death Berserker Sauce
    Aptly named, this sauce brings the heat to wings, meatloaf, seafood, chili cheesburgers, sushi, and of course anything that goes with beer.

    Zakk's Shot to Hell Sauce Berserker Sauce
    The hottest sauce in Zakk's line, this one separates the men from the boys. Be warned, it contains ingredients 600 times hotter than a jalapeño chili. Use sparingly. Not recommended for use without dilution.

    Zakk's Original Berserker Sauce
    This mild sauce is recommended for wings, seafood, chili, Bloody Marys, jambalaya and anything that goes with beer.

    Great Chicago Fire Steak, Burger & Chop Dust from here:
    For those who love a great steak and like things a little spicy (okay, very spicy!). Our steak dust provides a deep, beefy flavor and the perfect blend of seasoning that compliments (not overpowers) that savory flame-grilled goodness. Made with the world's hottest chili pepper, the Bhut Jolokia (a.k.a. Ghost Pepper). Makes a kick-ass burger and succulent pork chop, too!

    Any ideas? Sorry for the short notice, but I need to get this in the mail in the next few days.

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    You can add a few drops of good old fashioned Tabasco sauce to more or less anything and it will add plenty of zing. I use it on pasta, bread, dips, cheese, chips, meat, tuna, you name it.
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    How about good old Habanero sauce?:

    You should be able to buy this brand at most supermarkets.

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    You could always add this to some hot wing sauce..

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    Be sure and tell him that he's going to be experimenting with all the hot peppers he loves, to wear gloves. Once you get the capsaicin on your fingers, it gets everywhere and could burn his skin & eyes (been there down that and owe).
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    The Ghost Hot Sauce - With Bhut Jolokia Peppers

    The Ghost Hot Sauce - With Bhut Jolokia "Ghost" Peppers - Are You Afraid of a Ghost? You should be afraid of this frighteningly ferocious hot sauce made with the ghost pepper from India. Formally known as the Bhut Jolokia, this fiery pepper is officially the hottest in the world. It earns its name from all those who have felt its ghoulish bite and lived to tell about tt. Be careful you could become an apparition with one Incindiary taste.Ingredients: Naga Jolokia Pepper, fresh carrots, papayas, lime juice, vinegar, onion, passion fruit juice, garlic and salt. 5 oz.

    The Ghost Hot Sauce - With Bhut Jolokia Peppers

    ....i saw this on TV, they say its the hottest hot sauce ever made. you are supposed to drink milk after it.
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    you could make homemade sriracha & make it as hot as you want. here's the recipe i found online (i'm going to make it to give away for christmas )...

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