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Thread: Crabs stored in toilet: Sydney city restaurant fined

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    Crabs stored in toilet: Sydney city restaurant fined - Health - News | Central

    A FISH market fined for storing live crabs in a toilet cubicle is one of 23 Sydney businesses to be placed on the NSW Food Authority’s ``name and shame’’ list in the last week.
    Jemes Fish Market, in Liverpool St, was fined $660 fines for breaching the Food Act and failing to store the crabs so they were protected from contamination.
    Primary Industries Minister Ian Macdonald said it was ``one of the most outrageous cases of food storage’’ he had ever heard about.
    ``It is unhygienic and is just not fair on consumers who pay good money for their food,’’ he added.
    Other eateries included the Choy Restaurant Randwick which copped three heavy fines totalling $1980 after a dead rodent was found in its storage area along with vermin activity and unclean premises.
    Jesters, at Starkey St, Forestville, was also issued with three fines worth $1980 for having containers of raw food encrusted with food waste.
    Cockroach activity was found on food preparation benches, while the hand basin was obstructed and there were no signs of soap or paper towels.
    Hokka Hokka is not helping its own reputation after the noodle bar at Warriewood was fined $330 for being unclean the sixth shop in the chain to collectively receive 11 fines.
    Meanwhile, Pho Xic Lo at Chatswood received three fines worth $900 for keeping dirty premises and preventing harbouring of cockroaches.
    Kogarah’s Ocean King House Restaurant was also slapped with fines of $990 for having evidence of pests on the premises, failing to store food correctly and misusing hand-washing facilities
    The number of eateries listed on the NSW Food Authority’s website has now jumped to 594 which between them have collected 1000 fines.
    ``The past 12 months has seen a number of disturbing breeches on the `name and shame’ list including cockroaches, rats, a band-aid, a cigarette butt and now this case,’’ Mr Macdonald said.
    ``This is exactly why the government introduced this website and major new food safety laws last year.
    ``The public has a right to know this essential information which this website provides.’’
    Shamed eateries remain on the list for 12 months when their names are taken off.
    ``The vast majority of food outlets are doing the right thing and putting the public’s health first,’’ Mr Macdonald said.
    ``But the message is clear to those who aren’t following the rules: you need to clean up your act or you’ll find yourself fined and shamed on the website.’’

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    Are they sure about this? Was that around the time Paris Hilton was in town?
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