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You’ve probably heard that portions have gotten bigger over the years, but do you know how much bigger? Check out some of these popular foods and see how different things were 20 years ago than they are now.

20 years ago
: a bagel was three inches in diameter and had 140 calories.
Today’s portion: six inches and 350 calories.

Still a much better breakfast option than this 920 calorie breakfast burrito!

20 years ago: a cheeseburger had 333 calories.
Today’s portion: 590 calories.

And have you seen the new 4,800 calorie burger???!

20 years ago: a portion of spaghetti and meatballs used to have 500 calories.

Today’s portion: 1,025 calories. This includes two cups of pasta with sauce and three large meatballs.

20 years ago: French fries were 2.4 ounces and 210 calories.
Today’s portion: 6.9-ounces with 610 calories.

These Oven French Fries have 238 calories per serving and satisfy your craving for the real deal!

20 years ago: a turkey sandwich had 320 calories.
Today’s portion: a 10-inch turkey sandwich has 820 calories.

Even though I know portions are bigger, actually seeing these examples - which by the way, are from the National Institutes of Health - really brings it home. No wonder obesity rates are so out of control in this country.

Did any of these portions surprise you?