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Thread: 'Micro melons' 20 times smaller than regular size

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    Default 'Micro melons' 20 times smaller than regular size

    Small but perfectly formed Pepquino "micro melons" have been launched, 20 times smaller than their full size counterparts.

    Molly Power from Cambridge with one of at the new Micro Melons Photo: MASONS

    The rare Pepquino melon measures just an over inch (3cm) from tip-to-tip but has the identical external pattern and distinctive shape of traditional watermelons.
    Allsweet watermelons have an elongated shape and range from 17" to 19" in length and 7" in diameter. The average weight is 25 to 35lbs.

    It was discovered by Dutch food producers in South America who brought it to the Netherlands and cultivated it in greenhouses.
    While it resembles its larger cousins, it has a fresh crisp taste similar to a cucumber and juicy light green flesh.
    It can be eaten as a snack or appetiser, like olives, in a summer salad, stir fried or made into a sorbet and teamed with dark chocolate.
    With its distinctive appearance and slightly sour taste producer Koppert Cress believes it is set to become a new food fad in top London restaurants.
    Prices start at 10 per 250g box, which contains around 50 melons.
    Anneke Cuppen, marketing manager at Koppert Cress, said they had orders for the melons in the UK from New Covent Garden Market, New Spitalfields Market and Birmingham Market.
    She said: "Demand for the melons has so far come from the restaurant and hotel trade. We're hoping to sell 50-100 boxes a week.
    "We're very excited about the product. It is highly versatile and can be used in a variety of ways - from salads to dessert."
    The Pepquino melon, less than a centimetre in diameter, most closely resembles the Allsweet variety of watermelon.

    'Micro melons' 20 times smaller than regular size - Telegraph

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    There's no point in eating those.Spend $3 and cut up the real thing.
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    mmkay so they taste like cucumber then it isn't a watermelon
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    i'm guessing it looks like a tiny watermelon and tastes like pepino dulce?
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    That bitch is tripping out on that tiny melon.

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