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Thread: Your favorite bra brand

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    I think all women will agree...bra shopping and jeans shopping are the most tear-inducing, headache-causing experiences we have!!! Once we find the perfect fit, it's glorious. Then they stop making that perfect item, lol.

    Half Sizes Too™ - Playtex Bras - Real Solutions For Today's Women

    This is the only bra I wear now. I found it a few years ago, and I LOVE it. Just enough padding to cover the nips, great shape, nice and satiny so it's perfect under everything. And yes, it comes in 1/2 sizes, or 'nearly' sizes, which I need because I am between an A and B. I used to get them at Target for 10 bucks, but now it seems I can only get them online. One bra usually lasts me over a year of daily and often all-night use. I am not gentle with them at all, they go in the wash with everything else. If they ever stop making THIS exact bra (not just the 1/2 sizes, but this exact style), I will be hurting.
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    I went to Intimacy in Chicago and got a Prima Donna bra. It was expensive, but it is awesome! I tried another one there that was GORGEOUS, but at more than $200 I couldn't do it!

    For moderately priced bras, I like Bali and Lilyette (is that right) best.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chalet View Post
    I really like that Lilyette. That's my perfect shape.
    JC Penney has it on sale right now for $25. That's not the lowest I've seen them go on it, though. I've gotten it for right under $20 before and that particular bra is well worth it.

    JCPenney : Lilyette® Sew Free Tailored Embroidered Minimizer
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    I love olga bras. The last for years and they have some really cute styles
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    I don't know what brand I am wearing but I like those mostly cotton contoured t-shirt bras that add 1/2 cup size and are t-shirt safe. I got a few from wal-mart years ago and I still wear them daily.

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    I don't have a favorite brand. I never look at the brands, I just look at the bras. I'm a 36 DD so I like any brand that offer attractive bras in that size. They have to be colored. I don't wear white bras.
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    La Perla, but if i'm going for something cute and sexy I would have to go with D&G and Cavalli.

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