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Thread: Would you wear a tiara?

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    Quote Originally Posted by A*O View Post
    Yeah, right really doesn't crack and back to 66...looks the would've made her look different!! It Doesn't CRACK, even with wrinkles!!
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    ^^^^ She's a gorgeous woman with or without PS. But the fact that Camilla has chosen not have PS doesn't make her look 'like a horse'. It's not all about looks. Charles was married to arguably the most beautiful woman in the world, but he didn't LOVE her. A useful lesson to us all.
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    Yeah well Charles doesn't have much in the looks department either.
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    Camilla is fugly, great looking women over 50 are women like Ellen Burstyn, Helen Mirren, and Iman. Camilla isn't even close, she does look like a horse (at least to me). To each his own. I never found Diana even close to beautiful either, though.

    Oh, and for the tiara thing - only for a few minutes as a joke. Never in my life would I wear one as an accessory, its so trashy and cheap.
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    i would as part of a costume

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