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Thread: Work attire for women / reviewing that CitiBank woman's wardrobe

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    As others have said, the banking industry is EXTREMELY conservative and although she does look nice in my opinion, she looks like she should be the editor of a fashion magazine or a boutique manager or something. I can see why there'd be an issue.

    I'm curious to know if she was spoken to about this before she was terminated or if she was just on the spot told one day to not come back.
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    The turtleneck outfit looks like what I wear everyday!!

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    Thanks for all the feedback guys! In a bizarre way, I think this whole mess underscores how completely jacked up womens' sizes have become. And how they are totally running opposite to society's standards for 'professional' dress.

    As a size 7/8 generally, but with a descent bust, I've even gone to Lane Bryant/ the plus size dept. to get larger tops. But that then presents new problems: often the tops are too wide, and slip off my shoulders, presenting new problems. and the armholes are too deep, presenting new problems. Or bc the shirt is created for someone larger, it has a tendency to slip down and reveal too much at the front.

    But I buy it anyway bc its a better solution than any of the offerings at the womens' department at any major department store. And my current solution to offset that is SO infuriating. And I welcome other solutions- seriously! How do you ladies work with this?

    Currently, my usual work attire goes something like this:
    I wear a plain, high-necked white or black tank top (depending upon the color of the next layer) that is way too tight but covers all the bases and at least covers the right places exposed by the too-large top.

    Then I layer over it a more formal work-type blouse / shell that is in a much larger size and not tight.

    The tank top layer is necessary to offset the movement of the top garment bc its usually way too big. And that top layer looks incredibly odd, especially if it has darts sewn in at the waist or the bust.

    So then on top of that, I usually wear a more fitted blazer during the winter, or a 3/4 sleeve cardigan during the summer.

    Its just infuriating. I'm not incredibly outsized- something like a 36DD for a size 7/8. But the biggest prob is that I have broad shoulders- even at a much lower weight, I still had to buy L and XL size tops.

    Which then were tents around the rest of me.

    I guess I'm just frustrated at a number of things: 1) the inavailability of realistically sized clothing, 2) the obnoxious choice between either swimming in unflattering clothing or wearing clothing that fits in most places, but is too tight in others, a 3) the fact that now people can be fired for having these sorts of basic wardrobe issues that they are not at all in control of.

    So is it time for the clothing companies to get a clue about people like me (because I know I'm not alone- most of my friends have similar struggles), or for social norms to adjust and understand that - HELLO captain obvious, women have breasts/thighs/backsides and sometimes they can't find clothing that fits them everywhere and is loose enough to conform to your ancient standards.

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    How hard it would be to make clothes to fit every women, especially when most of them aren't simply slender and up-and-down. I don't think a designer can do it--too much variation in size now that women don't wear girdles and bulge out in weird areas. In a skirt you'd have to make each size, then each size in petite, then each of those in various sizes of bubble butt, then each one in small waist, then each one in apple-shaped waist--mix all those together--hundreds of offerings!

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    & totaly un-cost effective.

    Cali - of course the over-sized tops slip off! They're build for a larger size but an average cup size.
    I'm a D cup & never wear button up tops, always something stretchy. Try this Bravissimo | Big Bras, Lingerie, Swimwear and Clothing for D-KK cup women they even make blouses for work. Good Luck
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    I have the same problems as Cali. I'm not that big all over (more so than I would like now, but anyway), but I have a very large bust. I think the last time I could wear an actual button-down collared shirt or blouse was in high school.

    It's frustrating because I like business attire - button-down shirts, trousers, funky sweater vests, suits, etc. - but can't wear a lot of it. I'm sick of having to choose big, blousy tops or doing the layering thing as Cali does. I'll check out that link, though, Novice, thanks!
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    i never wear button downs either because they are always pulling at the buttons and leaving those gaps.

    cali - buy up a size at a regular store and have it tailored. i started doing that with all of my clothes.

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