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Thread: Who can wear this summer's 7in-high heels?

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    Might as well wear toe shoes.
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    My inner drag queen loves those purple sequin Loutoutin peep toes. My inner comfy-footwear (read: flats-loving) practical girl says HELL-to-tha-NO!

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    I'd wear them! Maybe not these designs, but I don't mind the crazy high heels-as long as the heel itself is on the chunky side and there's a little platform in front, I'm actually quite adept at walking/dancing in them.
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    As I am a 5 11 girl I do not need to wear shoes that make me look like Ru Paul! I can go up to about 4 inches, any more and I look rather odd and amazonian.

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    I can't walk in stilleto heels. I can walk with a chunkier heel and platforms but not stilleto. My platforms right now are about 4 inches as I'm 5'6 and a guy I work with is 5'10 and when I wear them I'm his height. Pisses him off lol

    I always have my Champion ballerina flats in my bag at work though in case I need to walk alot. Oh and I also have my steel toed cap boots but that's for when I have to go up on the roof or in construction areas. It's very classy you know, slacks, a nice shirt and steel toed caps with a nice blue construction helmet lol.
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    As far as stilettoes go, I think I can wear up to 4-in high heels. I'm 5'3" (even though it really seems that I've grown a bit recently... odd, seeing as I'm 26...)

    ETA: just checked: apparently, I'm more like 5'4" 1/2 now... ahem, how is that possible????
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    I wear 3-4 inches most of the time. In all honesty, sometimes I feel as if I walk better when wearing heels. I feel more focused and confident almost aligns me in a way. Sounds strange, but true!

    I could wear these if I practiced. I do like some of them.
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