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Thread: Top 10 fashion trends men hate to see on women

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    If I was up your ass you'd know where I am!


    I suspect if it looks good on you, they like it.
    Only the good die young.........................
    bitches like me live forever!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cmmdee View Post
    I know exactly what you mean... it seems to be a super duper trend among the boy teens right now... they sport them skinny but pulled down and sometimes showing off their underwear. Klassy!
    Oh christ... I saw this kid in Melbourne's Southern Cross station hop on the same train as me and he had this - the uber tight skinny jeans, but hung low. Strategically low - so you could the funky monkey on his underpants. Which was... y'know. Centrally located, if you get my drift. The jeans were *just* above anatomically embarrassing.

    All I wanted to do was screech "Pull your fucking trousers up! No one wants to see your undies!"

    Now I know I'm a grumpy old lady in her late 20s....

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    Too right! Although I see nothing wrong with skinny jeans if you've got the legs for them

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