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Thread: Too fat for fashion

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    I wouldn't dare go in those shops just to be laughed or pitied, I'll stick to internet shopping or the high street

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aella View Post
    I'm so sorry, Pandora, what you went through sounds beyond horrible.

    And yes, it's absolutely disgusting when people are so blinded by their privilege they'd make such comparisons of their problems to a hell of a lot more serious issues, trivializing the latter and generally coming off as entitled asses.
    I'm the one to apologize taking this cow's comment so seriously and taking this topic to a different direction, Aella. It's just that it really hurt reading that, as nearly losing your life and your family, plus losing 20 pets, everything you own (including all the personal memories and things you created in a lifetime) is not something to be joked about. Take a look at this:

    <<I walk out and I smoke angrily. I actually want to cry. I am a successful writer - with a big bum - and down here on Bond Street they don't want my money.>>

    For a "successful writer", she sure as hell doesn't have skills nor much to write about. "I'm fat and can't get designer clothes". Who the fuck is even interested in that? No tact at all as well, whatsoever. And again: the bitch should know better than to make a lousy and unfortunate attempt at being funny using a tragedy in a hypothetical situation she should thank the heavens will most likely never happen to her.

    How many women her size did she offend as well repeating like a broken record that she's "fat", as well as the not-so-privileged socially speaking?

    Still, she gets paid for this shit. This world is unbelievable.

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    Because I'm fat.
    Perhaps she is. But her stating it over and over again doesn't make me feel sorry for her - quite the opposite, it annoys me.

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