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Thread: Removing security devices from clothes

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    They still track non-receipted returns with DLs, and deny people who do too many. They even have a special task force that looks into certain "rings" of bad refunders (even the ones who use multiple DLs), and have prosecuted many in the last year.
    You may think that the theft is high, but that company actually has a pretty low "shrink" percentage, comparatively, and maintains a very high profit.

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    About serial returns, I do that, but it's perfectly innocent. A lot of times I am out shopping with my kid(s), and I see something that I like that I think might look good on me, but I don't have time to go to the dressing room so I buy it and try it on at home. If I like it I keep it, if not, I take it back. They have checked me out at Express for that, never said I couldn't return something though. Stores are going to lose a ton of sales from me if they have a problem with frequent returns, because that's the way I shop.

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