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Thread: Over-priced crap

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rondette View Post
    aw, I had Doc Marten's. Mine were cherry-red 9 holes on which I painted Ren and Stimpy. They looked pretty darn wicked, to my teenage mind. I teamed them with stripy tights and tie-dyed cheesecloth skirts and tops that I bought from shops that smelled of patchouli. I was so cool!
    This was in 1994 when I was 14.

    eta- I actually own some DM brand boots now..

    They are my most favourite boots ever, they cost about 110 ($220ish) but they have lasted fantastically well- I've had them for well over 3 years now and they still get daily wear and look almost new. I *heart* my DMs!
    Boot envy! These are fantastic, I love them!

    I have such a problem finding boots. I have a size 40 European foot and skinny calves, and as a result ALL boots are just massive on top.

    I have one pair of lace-up combats that fit me like a glove, but when I tried on a pair of high-heeled combats at New Rock last year, they were still wide on top even after I laced them up. I could have cried, I was so frustrated.
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    ^^About the only thing I can say in favour of many pleather boot styles is that they are very fitted to the calf. I have skinny legs too so I've faced this problem a lot when trying to buy boots.

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