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Thread: Nose piercing...who's got one?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Egolita View Post
    i have had mine for almost a year and it still hasn't healed, it always smells gross. imagine constantly smelling rotten flesh. i keep thinking others can smell it because its so strong to me.

    it's not red or anything, just smelly.
    Assuming its not infected (which if its a really horrible odor it might be), what you're smelling is probably sebum (which smells, but its not unbearable, just unpleasant). Sebum is an oily substance secreted by the body as a part of its natural chemical defense against bacteria. Its what makes your skin and hair oily if you dont wash, and yes it will ooze out of your piercings too. All piercings smell. You only notice your nose ring smelling because its RIGHT THERE in your nose stinking. You've never taken out your earrings and smelled them have you? Probably not, but I'd put money on them stinking just as much as your nostril piercing.

    Basically, if you take it out and clean it at the same time as you shower (which after a year of having it you should be able to) it probably wont smell as much.
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    I got mine done by a drunk, sweaty guy on a fair. He gave it to me for free, because he didn't hit the right spot.

    It was never infected and it never stank. My parents were shocked when they saw it, which made me like it even more.

    I wore it for ten years and then took it out. The hole is tiny and hardly visible.

    I think a nose piercing is pretty much the only thing, I'd let my underage kids have.

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    yeah haggard it's the same smell as my earrings. and yes i've noticed the smell on them lol.

    i must be extra sebaceous. ugh. /barf.

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    Ok guys. I'm still thinking about doing this. Been checking out a lot of different things on the internet about how much it hurts etc. My birthday isnt until April and that is when I was thinking of getting it done. However, I am old enough I could do it whenever and I may end up doing it before my b-day. But I have another question for the ones that do have one: Can the person doing the piercing, pierce my nose with a diamond stud? a small one, so that i can wear it to work. i could not get away with a hoop or anything real noticeable because i work for the city and constantly deal with the public.

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